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A yearly journey

An enduring mission.

A yearly journey.


Education anchors UCLA's excellence


In 2016, we welcomed over 12,000 new alumni to our ranks who earned UCLA degrees during the 2015-2016 school year. We admitted the most geographically, ethnically and racially diverse group of students in UCLA's history, and became the first university in the country to report a six-figure total for freshman applications.



Research embodies UCLA's optimism


With accomplishments in the last year such as reversing memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s for first time, it’s no surprise that UCLA received about $1 billion in competitively awarded grants to support approximately 6,000 funded research projects currently underway. UCLA researchers continue to embody optimism by innovating in all fields and pioneering new discoveries.



Service expresses UCLA’s values


2016 marked the eighth edition of UCLA’s Volunteer Day, where more than 7,000 UCLA volunteers provided almost $1 million worth of service at 50 locations. UCLA’s campus community remains committed to giving back.


Break: Make an Impact
Make an Impact
Make an Impact
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Support Your Area
Break: Every Gift Matters
Every Gift Matters
Every Gift Matters

56 gifts of $25

can cover a year’s worth of books and supplies for a UCLA student

30 gifts of $50

can support a faculty member who leads a Fiat Lux seminar

15 gifts of $100

can renew one of the many academic journal subscriptions at the UCLA Library

28 gifts of $500

can fund a scholarship to cover a UCLA student’s tuition and fees for one year

3 gifts of $1,000

can underwrite the cost of a 3D printer accessible to campus through the UCLA Library



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