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In the year ahead, UCLA seeks to further integrate technology into the classroom as computers become more common than textbooks. Technology-enabled teaching and learning environments will provide new insights into the conditions that support academic achievement.


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Break: Open Doors

Not all valedictorians are created equal.

Even small gifts open big doors for students like Kaylin Portillo Chavez, Class of 2020.

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Break: Make an Impact
Make an Impact
Make an Impact
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Support Your Area
Break: Every Gift Matters
Every Gift Matters
Every Gift Matters

56 gifts of $25

can cover a year’s worth of books and supplies for a UCLA student

30 gifts of $50

can support a faculty member who leads a Fiat Lux seminar

15 gifts of $100

can renew one of the many academic journal subscriptions at the UCLA Library

28 gifts of $500

can fund a scholarship to cover a UCLA student’s tuition and fees for one year

3 gifts of $1,000

can underwrite the cost of a 3D printer accessible to campus through the UCLA Library



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