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Last year, support of the UCLA School of Dentistry impacted …


Over 140 students who began their UCLA journey and over 120 graduates now trained as leaders in their discipline.


Faculty who submitted more than 110 research proposals aimed at expanding the world’s knowledge in the field.


Over 10 community programs through which a number of UCLA’s more than 8,500 volunteers improved the quality of life in Los Angeles County.

PARALLAX Break: In the year ahead
In the year ahead …

In the year ahead, the UCLA School of Dentistry seeks to establish additional community-based oral health care sites across Los Angeles and beyond with support from the Apollonian Society Community Dentistry Fund. At these sites, our student dentists will continue to deliver first-rate oral health care to underserved populations, while obtaining the requisite knowledge and skills to become the next generation of oral health care providers.

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Our mission at work.
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Every day, our students and faculty are moving our field forward …

  • Bringing the Dental School to the Community

    6 June 2018

    Imagine if the pain from a decaying tooth is so bad that you have trouble sleeping or you’re having difficulty eating and your access to dental care is severely limited. You find yourself without a dental home or dental insurance, so you endure the pain for as long as you can, but the pain is now affecting your mental and overall physical health. For millions of Californians, this is their reality.
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  • Alumni Story: From Dentists to Entrepreneur

    6 June 2018

    UCLA Dentistry alums and business partners, Drs. Adam Chen and Doug Yoon, reflect on the momentous day when the two clicked over the esoteric questions that Doug had asked during an introductory course in the School’s main lecture hall in the Fall of 1979. But it wasn’t in dental school that the pair came up with the idea for their company XDR Radiology, it was much later in their careers.
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  • First description of mEAK-7 gene could suggest path toward therapies for cancer, other diseases

    14 May 2018

    For years, researchers have known that a gene called EAK-7 plays an important role in determining how long worms will live. But it remained unclear whether the gene had a counterpart in humans and – if it did – how that human version would work.
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