The Collective Power of the UCLA Fund

Annual Report FY13

39,663 Total Gifts
21,221 Gifts Under $100
$18,836,992 Total Raised

Giving FY13


See the impact of your annual giving at UCLA. We Give Because We Are Bruins and it's our optimism that leads the way. UCLA is so thankful for your support, as your consistent giving allows us to stay barrier-breaking and amazing every day!

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Letter from UCLA Fund Chair, Roger Tomalas

Dear Bruins,

I am pleased to send you this inaugural annual report for the UCLA Fund with my heart-felt gratitude for your commitment to UCLA. As you will see, our collective giving makes a huge impact across our campus.

Donors to the UCLA Fund provide foundational and critical unrestricted support to Chancellor Block and campus leadership. Your annual gift, combined with nearly 32,000 alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends, continues to propel UCLA as a leader in higher education world-wide.

I hope you will enjoy learning more about the breadth of the UCLA Fund and annual giving. Whether this was your first year of giving or twenty-fifth, our combined generosity enables our students and campus to thrive year after year.

Annual giving is a tradition at UCLA and with your participation you are part of something big. Thank you for your dedication and continued loyalty to our great university.


Roger Tomalas '69
Chair, UCLA Fund

Who Are Our Donors?


We had 31,995 total donors in FY13. This chart shows the breakdown of donors by affiliation.

  • Alumni - 18,891
  • Young Alumni - 3,188
  • Students - 2,194
  • Parents - 3,658
  • Faculty / Staff - 254
  • Friends - 1,626

Where Are Our Donors?


While the majority of our donors come from Southern California, a significant number come from Northern California and other U.S. states.








Out of State




The Chancellor's Society


Our Leadership Donors - The Chancellor's Society, UCLA's leadership giving program, raised $13.56 million in FY13. That represents more than 72% of all annual gift revenue.

  • Cabinet354 Households$7,428,690.80 Raised
  • Chancellor's Associates1,438 Households$4,109,572.98 Raised
  • Chancellor's Circle1,871 Households$1,909,336.55 Raised
  • Young Alumni Chancellor Circle304 Households$105,499.85 Raised
  • Student Chancellor Circle169 Households$13,312.60 Raised

Be A Part of Something Bigger


Even small gifts have a huge impact - The UCLA Fund received 22,239 donations that were $100 or less in FY13. The additive power of small giving makes a huge impact at UCLA and creates transformative change for our university and community.

52% of donors gave gifts

UNDER $100

totaling over $1.1 Million

Your single gift, no matter how big or small, is magnified by the power of the Bruin community!

Our Future


Annual giving is what keeps UCLA strong - Each year new donors join the UCLA Fund family and then through their continued support become our best donors -- our most loyal donors. See what happened in FY13.

New Donors


In fiscal year 2013, The UCLA Fund received donations from 8,866 new donors totaling $3,784,584!

8,866 New Donors!

Young Alumni


Young Alumni is one of the fastest-growing segments of donors to the UCLA Fund. Support from these donors (undergraduate alumni from the last decade) resulted in over 4,000 gifts totaling $236,501. In addition to direct giving, social media engagement has also expanded with a 46% increase in Young Alumni fans on Facebook and an increase of 31% in Young Alumni followers on Twitter. What's more, over the past two years 3,000 Young Alumni have participated in philanthropic events.

4,022 Young Alumni Donors!

Student Giving


Student donors represent the UCLA Fund's top prospects for future, loyal donors. In FY13 students gave a total of 1,935 gifts and raised $29,916 for the Fund. Over the past two years over 1,500 students have participated in philanthropic events and student giving is up 2.7% in gift count and up 42% in dollars raised!

1,935 Student Gifts!

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Loyal Donors


Loyal donors belong to our True Blue & Gold Society and represent individuals who have given three or more years consecutively at any gift amount. In FY13 we had 8,075 loyal donors.

8,705 Loyal Donors!

A Decline in State Funding


While UCLA is a public university, state funding has steadily decreased over the past 30 years. For the first time, fees and tuition exceed funding from the state. Annual giving is even more important given this reality.

  • State Funding - Down 81%
  • Enrollment - Up 42%

Together, We Make a Difference


The UCLA Fund volunteers and staff applaud you for your commitment. Collectively, annual giving significantly impacts UCLA. See your Gifts at Work and the lives you've helped shape.